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We love SailMail and couldn't cruise without it. Sailmail is the system that allows us to send and receive email on board Cassiopeia via short wave radio.

We use Koehler Boatyard and C.F. Koehler at The Wooden Yacht Fleet for almost all the yard work we have done on Cassiopeia. C.F. and his crew take great care of Cassiopeia.

For electronics and electrical work there's nobody better in San Diego in our opinion than Shea Weston at Offshore Outfitters. Shea did all the engineering and other work involved in the updating of Cassiopeia's electrical system, autopilot, B&G instruments and radios.

J.K. Racing is owned by Jon Koehler. Jon's an artist with stainless steel and a perfectionist. He built us a custom exhaust system for Cassiopeia as well as gorgeous new stainless steel shroud rollers. J.K. Racing: 619-226-0771

UK Sails: Our friends Tom & Ray on the Swan 53, Mistress. U.K. Sails built Cassiopeia's awesome new 2700 sq. ft. asymmetrical spinnaker in 2003.

Ullman Sails built Cassiopeia's fantastic Spectra Main, Mizzen and Genoa.

"Reggie the Carpenter" is the woodworking genius in La Paz, Mexico who completely renewed Cassiopeia's teak deck. He routed out all the old caulking, pulled almost 4000 screws, rescrewed the deck, plugged the screw holes, recaulked the seams and sanded the whole thing. It's gorgeous. Reggie Brillant in La Paz:
Telephone 3-47-50

Pacific Seafarer's Net

The Swan Owners Association of America

Panama Canal WebCam

San Diego Bay WebCam

Catalina Island WebCam

Cabo San Lucas Anchorage WebCam (s)

Sydney Harbor

California Coast Buoy Weather Reports

Cabo San Lucas - "Live Weather"

Jetskis in your favorite anchorage? Here's the solution.

Burning Man....Mega fun times on the Playa. Cassiopeia's crew will be opening the doors of the "Burning Man Yacht Club" for the fourth time during the week leading up to Labor Day, 2003.

Cruithne...."The truth is out there."

The Smirking Chimp...more truth that network TV won't tell you...if you can handle the truth.

Tropical Sailing

Here's a GREAT website from our friends Greg & Cherie on Scirocco.

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